What is POP ART… ?

Accordingly, those who know Pop Art think of images before words ever appear! The iconic Marilyn Monroe of Andy Warhol is just one of many that come to mind. In keeping a pulse on modern culture of today…what is more in the public eye than man’s best friend…? Dog merchandise seems to be “popping” up everywhere. So we figured it was time for a Pop Art Pet experience as an art class!

Kathy, creative director of Raye of Light Studio, introduced Pop Art as an art class to the Annapolis area, one year ago. We are the home of the Painted Pet Workshop and have seen other studios add painting of pets to their calendars everywhere.
Painting your pet can be challenging if you’re not a painter… however a Pop Art Pet class is not as demanding and more fun! We teach you how to keep your pet and add design that will make him or her POP.

This is just one of the many original ideas we offer you when searching for creative fun.  Take a Pop ART class and make any image POP!  We supply everything you need you select that perfect photo. Why not create something fresh and original that you love….?

Come check us out now online under art classes and workshops at www.rayeofllightstudio.com, when we are guest instructors on April 20th at Cricket Studios in Annapolis. We help direct those ideas that POP into your head and turn them into your own masterpiece of style.