Still about the word… of mouth!

This business of creating… who knew there would be so many ideas and places to paint. How can anyone figure out which is best… must be price… must be convenience… no it must be the referrals!

Raye of Light Studio, the home of the Painted Pet Workshop, goes out on location once a month in two different areas and offers hand drawn pet portraits. These are from pictures you select and you are taught how to paint them, based on your pets own breed and natural design. We look to make your creative experience a more educational and personally attentive fun one. Each pet is so different and so is it’s painter!

We are the home of the Painted Pet here in the Annapolis/Bowie area. We created this opportunity because we heard you… you didn’t like to draw but thought you might try your hand at painting… probably from of one of your friend’s encouragement. The delight on your face when you see your “fur baby” on canvas inspires even the most insecure painter to believe! They want to see their pet come to life.

This is why on  November 7th, a Monday night, we will be at the Old Bowie Towne Grille.  The staff there was so attentive and the set up almost as spacious as going into the studio! Below is a little shout out from our Pet Paint and Pints or Painted Pet Workshop from last month.

“My daughter and I attended the Paint Your Pet Workshop and it was just fantastic. This is not like a “paint night” AT ALL. It is an art class! I learned so much, that I feel like I could actually try my hand at painting other things. Kathy is an excellent teacher and is able to instinctively pull out your strengths to help you reach your ultimate potential. I will be doing this much more often! Highly recommended!”  … Kelly H and Jordan N.

This workshop, the take away is the gift of learning, plus a portrait so good your going to want to go straight home and show it off!  Where else can you bring your pet into a bar! ( figuratively speaking that is)  Please join us by reserving your seat now on the link below. We need your pets picture no later than November 3rd. ( which is closer than you think)