Popular Classes


Take a group or individual acrylic class and learn about what acrylic paint can do. It’s the paint of choice for students who have never painted. The subject matter in group classes are selected and pre-dawn by us. In Private classes, students can select whatever they would like to learn to paint. 



Take a group or private class and learn what makes watercolor, watercolor!  An introduction to materials and all the tips and tricks are taught as you focus on painting. Group classes are often pre-drawn so you can concentrate on the technique.



If you ever were a doodler or have wondered how to draw, this class is for you. Spend one-on-one time learning how to draw with an emphasis on line and shading. (Group Drawing classes include the popular, “Girls with Graphite” art class.)



Explore this fun medium! Students will learn to turn an image into a negative to make a positive print! The simplest of designs make for the best prints. It’s all in the carving and inking! Plus, once you have made the block, you’ll have all the knowledge and you need to continue to print your design at home. 



This class is the universal art class. Alcohol Inks is colorful and fun and lends itself to making a beautiful abstract painting. Learn about color and design while using this medium.



This class is so personal: it starts with one of your very own pictures! We teach students how to transform their own image using just the right amount of “art” to make the image pop. Pets are most popular, but any image will work. (This is the only class that has a deadline prior to class start date, in order for us to get ready for your arrival!)



Experiment with the luster of oils with water-based oil paints. You will learn how to paint with a palette knife as well as a brush with this medium. Even if you have painted with regular oils, you will enjoy this healthier alternative for clean-up.

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