Our first guest workshop could be a game changer!

You know what 1984 was for me… a time of celebration, a time of exploration in the real world, a time before Photoshop and cell phones… and most importantly a time before social media!!! Yes, when I graduated with my bright shinny BFA you had to pound a lot of pavement to make your brand known.

If only someone had been there back then, sharing the how to’s and all the wisdom and information (gathered through experience), I would of been first in line soaking it up! My early experiences as an artist definitely colored my decision to support and start to build a creative new community when I opened my Raye of Light Studio. I knew I wanted to host guest artist, who have the same spirit and willingness to share and support each other as artists as I do. Why not come together to learn and help support one another so we don’t have to flip burgers?!! Where to start though… it can be so overwhelming!

We are happy to announce, as we host our first guest speaker/artist workshop, Kellee Wynne Studio’s “Creative Launch for Artists, Social Media Workshop will be here Thursday Sept. 29th from 6:30pm – 9pm! Kellee will be presenting a “how to”  that is hands on and tailored to help all!  It’s one night at Raye of Light Studio that will motivate and inspire you for sure but more importantly she will  help Launch your business.  Come listen learn and take home a printed copy of Kellee’s presentation.

Please share this link below with any artists you might know who could benefit from such an experience. Seats are limited for more of a comfortable setting. Sign up today just thirty dollars for this potential game changer!