In-Studio Art Lessons

When inspiration strikes or celebration occurs, book an appointment for an in-studio art class. You can select from any of these creative courses. Come solo or bring friends, a child, or parent. The studio caters comfortably to 1 – 6 students. You’ll create your masterpiece in an intimate setting with one on one individual attention. Kathy’s 20 plus years of experience makes her a wonderful teacher who’s able to cater to all levels.

Interested in a customized lesson at your own location? Check out our Private Parties and Creative Team Building programs!

You are welcome to bring food or drink to any class, must be 21+ to consume alcoholic beverages.

We ask that children under 10 yrs old be accompanied by a paying adult to any art class.

All classes include instruction & supplies.

Painted Pet Workshop
cost: $50 per person | duration: 3 hrs
Love your pet… paint your pet! You supply the photo and we draw them on canvas. You upload your favorite pic to our website and all art materials and instruction are supplied.

available: in-studio | private party

Learn to Watercolor
cost: $40 per person | duration: 3 hrs
Come explore the medium of watercolor , learn tips for techniques and how to manage this  water to pigment medium painting . This is a beginners class and you do not have to have prior knowledge just the desire to create using watercolors.

available: in-studio | private party

The Art of Alcohol Inks
cost: $40 per person | duration: 2 hrs

Let yourself “go with the flow’ and learn the art of alcohol inks.

You will create something surprisingly beautiful  using what you learn during the tips and tricks part of the class, and leave with your painting . You need not be an artist to explore and have fun creating your masterpiece with alcohol inks.


available: in-studio | private party

Abstract Number
cost: $35 per person | duration: 2.5/3 hrs
Lets celebrate an important date and learn to paint all at the same time! You will pick a number that we transform into a template lending itself to learning about color and design as you paint your canvas.That special abstract number becomes your abstract acrylic painting. Great way to jump in and learn by doing.

available: in-studio | private party

Pour it On Fluid Art
cost: $55 per person | duration: 2.5 hrs

Come learn the art of acrylic pouring and Pour it On where no brushes are allowed!You will learn and create with two different techniques make your own paint and walk aways with the coolest art anywhere…yours!



available: in-studio | private party

Pencil Partner “Selfie” Portraits
cost: $50 per couple | duration: 2 hrs
This is an entertaining and interactive  drawing art class, perfect to share with family or a friend….makes a great date night too! You will be instructed on how to draw what you see using your own cell phone picture during the first half of class. You will  then exchange drawings and finish your partners drawing in the second hour. The unveiling at the end delights and surprises each person as they leave with a matted drawing and a memorable experience. All materials and instruction included.

available: in-studio | private party

Pop Art Pet or People Poster
cost: $55 per person | duration: 2.5/3 hrs
Do you have a great photo but there’s that one little thing about it you wish you could change… now you can! Upload your own photo and we will print it out on flat canvas and teach you how to turn it into a fun Pop Art Poster! Learn to think like a graphic designer as we guide you in using paint and marker to transform your pic into art! Come in alone or with friends (up to three) and create with our guidance. People places and Pets make the best subjects for this transformation. Yes this is the Pop Art Pets class!

available: in-studio | private party

Design, Carve and Make Prints!
cost: $45 per person | duration: 2.5 – 3 hrs
Find an image that you like and you will draw it and transfer it on a soft carve block. Using carving tools you will  learn how to change your positive into a negative image. After inking up the block your ready to print on paper or anything you heart desires: stationary, t-shirts etc.! Leave with your block so you can continue printing at home.

available: in-studio | private party

Private Lessons 
cost: $75 per person | duration: 1.5 hrs
Discover or reconnect with art, whether you are  just starting out or have a yearning to learn more we cater to you. Perfect one on one attention to really learn and create what your interested in. Learn to draw, paint print , what the materials are and get portfolio critique too. Must be at least ten years old but it’s never to late to start learning something new. Need not be an artist only to show an interest in and desire to learn more.

available: in-studio

Studio Class Gift Cards

Give the gift of an art class to a friend or loved one.