No need to thank us…

I know this happens to you too…your at Target  shopping for a thank you card and you see something cute and simple and think “I could do this”! It’ is  not that we aren’t just as creative, it’s more in the setting it up and making time for it to happen, that doesn’t get seen all the way through.Well guess what… it’s happening!

August 10th and 24th for a few creative hours you can steal away at Raye of Light Studio Annapolis and learn to design, carve and print a few note cards. This print carve and design workshop is the workshop that keeps on giving. You go home with a set of thank you note cards, the lino cut and a new skill set of  knowledge!  You can reprint anytime once you know how… Come take a night off and lets have fun creating. Remember it’s still summer , a time for new experiences and carefree days or in this case nights!

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