Mixed Media Private Lesson

2 hour private lesson to plan inspire and create Kathleen's vision. Just bring your canvas you have selected  and any other supplies you desire- we supply the rest.   This is one of possibly two sessions. Other session to TBD  


Make Waves with Debbie Reilly

Salted Vines Winery 32512 Rd 374, Frankford,, Delaware

Your invited to Salted Vines for a fun afternoon of wine and art! Raye of Light Studio will be guest of the venue to host our Alcohol Ink on Yupo art class called  "Make Waves". You will have all materials and instruction provided to create your big blue wave . This fun art is very

$200.00 – $320.00

Sarah and Ruby’s watercolor class

Sisters share a private workshop to learn good technique of watercolor medium. This 2.5 hour class will teach how to use watercolor to compliment drawing.


Private watercolor class

Two dates Weds. Feb 5th and Feb 12th after school from 3:30 to 4:30 we will explore Watercolor painting. Each girls will be introduced to materials and watercolor techniques in the first session. The second session each girl will create their own mini painting.   All materials and instruction included. Aprons and free parking provided


Military Life Pen and Inks

In this is a private session  we will  learn the art of pen and ink wash. Each two hour class will be devoted to learning good technique with pen and ink and a study of values in grayscale. Subject can be images you provide or ones that are provided for you, both directed toward military


Linda’s Wave/ Private art event

Raye of Light Studio Delaware 117 Atlantic Ave, Ocean View, Delaware

Linda and Friends will make Waves after hours this Friday night July 23rd. We can start when you are ready at 5:30 or 6. This is just your group so feel free to bring in food/ drink but note there is no fridge here. You will create your own 8 by 10 wave with a


Liza Malory and friends Make Waves

Raye of Light Studio Delaware 117 Atlantic Ave, Ocean View, Delaware

Welcome to your own private alcohol ink art workshop "Make Waves" This fun potent dye brightens and moves swimming across the special yuppo paper with a little help from rubbing alcohol. There will be an introduction to the materials a demo ( so you're comfortable getting started )and then you will freely create. Lots of


Felicia’s private watercolor lesson

Raye of Light Studio Delaware 117 Atlantic Ave, Ocean View, Delaware

We will create and learn as we make feather's and things well noted a private class. You will learn fundamentals of using watercolor mixing color on paper, wet on wet method, as well as be introduced to their materials. This 90 min private lesson is not open to the public and you can bring food/


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