Changing Mondays to a day to look forward towards…

Mondays, most of us immediately think in a negative light.  It’s back to work, back to school, back to… a creative get away….WHAT…?

Yes Monday’s now are a creative get away for you Mom. Time for yourself, because we all know that the laundry will still be there but the inspiration may not!  Look for one Monday a month at Raye of Light Studio dedicated to a special “middle of your day” workshop. The first one will be coming up on Sept. 19th at 1:30pm.
We will be painting wood table tops for a quick and easy make over to any of your existing tables. Come with a simple design in mind OR use one of ours.

Class includes:  Wood table top, paint , instruction, designs and finish.
Great table cover for a kids or a sun room! Why not design it, if you can’t find it… create it!

So while your packing lunches Monday the 19th don’t forget to grab one for yourself and escape to a middle of the day creative get away!