Our first guest workshop could be a game changer!

You know what 1984 was for me… a time of celebration, a time of exploration in the real world, a time before Photoshop and cell phones… and most importantly a time before social media!!! Yes, when I graduated with my bright shinny BFA you had to pound a lot of pavement to make your brand known.

If only someone had been there back then, sharing the how to’s and all the wisdom and information (gathered through experience), I would of been first in line soaking it up! My early experiences as an artist definitely colored my decision to support and start to build a creative new community when I opened my Raye of Light Studio. I knew I wanted to host guest artist, who have the same spirit and willingness to share and support each other as artists as I do. Why not come together to learn and help support one another so we don’t have to flip burgers?!! Where to start though… it can be so overwhelming!

We are happy to announce, as we host our first guest speaker/artist workshop, Kellee Wynne Studio’s “Creative Launch for Artists, Social Media Workshop will be here Thursday Sept. 29th from 6:30pm – 9pm! Kellee will be presenting a “how to”  that is hands on and tailored to help all!  It’s one night at Raye of Light Studio that will motivate and inspire you for sure but more importantly she will  help Launch your business.  Come listen learn and take home a printed copy of Kellee’s presentation.

Please share this link below with any artists you might know who could benefit from such an experience. Seats are limited for more of a comfortable setting. Sign up today just thirty dollars for this potential game changer!


Changing Mondays to a day to look forward towards…

Mondays, most of us immediately think in a negative light.  It’s back to work, back to school, back to… a creative get away….WHAT…?

Yes Monday’s now are a creative get away for you Mom. Time for yourself, because we all know that the laundry will still be there but the inspiration may not!  Look for one Monday a month at Raye of Light Studio dedicated to a special “middle of your day” workshop. The first one will be coming up on Sept. 19th at 10am.to 1:30pm.
We will be painting wood table tops for a quick and easy make over to any of your existing tables. Come with a simple design in mind OR use one of ours.

Class includes:  Wood table top, paint , instruction, designs and finish.
Great table cover for a kids or a sun room! Why not design it, if you can’t find it… create it!

So while your packing lunches Monday the 19th don’t forget to grab one for yourself and escape to a middle of the day creative get away!

No need to thank us…

I know this happens to you too…your at Target  shopping for a thank you card and you see something cute and simple and think “I could do this”! It’ is  not that we aren’t just as creative, it’s more in the setting it up and making time for it to happen, that doesn’t get seen all the way through.Well guess what… it’s happening!

August 10th and 24th for a few creative hours you can steal away at Raye of Light Studio Annapolis and learn to design, carve and print a few note cards. This print carve and design workshop is the workshop that keeps on giving. You go home with a set of thank you note cards, the lino cut and a new skill set of  knowledge!  You can reprint anytime once you know how… Come take a night off and lets have fun creating. Remember it’s still summer , a time for new experiences and carefree days or in this case nights!

August is going to the dogs!

When we created the Dogs Days of August fundraiser to benefit Washington Humane Society and the Anne Arundel SPCA, we never imagined it would be so hot! Can you imagine what life would be like for our four legged friends if we didn’t have shelters who give shelter to some of the luckier ones during days like today…? Well we just can’t imagine not helping and we are at it again. Raye of Light Studio is pairing up with Chesapeake Brewery, on West Street Annapolis, to host Pets Paint and Pints benefiting AASPCA on August 30th.

This art event is different than our week long Dog Days of August. The dog days actually provide the artist with a photo canvas after the individual uploads their pet’s pic to our website at the time of purchase. The Pets Paint and Pints workshop the artists can either draw the pets picture on the canvas themselves or again upload it to our website and we will draw it. With uploading any picture please make sure you get the confirmation that we have received it. Also kindly send it 7-10 days ahead of your selected  class or event time.

We are offering many different sessions during the week long Dog Days of August event and hope for a big turnout. Who wouldn’t love to add a little of their pets personality into a Pop Art Pets class…?

The Pet Paint and Pints is a drawing of your pet not a photo likeness. You will be able to color in your pet using paint and our instruction during the event hosted at Chesapeake Brewery on August 30th. ​Both are fundraisers and both are listed on our classes page on our website. We hope to see many of you throughout August starting on Aug. 16th. If you know a pet lover share the news with them. You know they will want to be part of the pack!

Dog Days of August show your pet a little love and pay it forward by creating POP ART PETS all week long!

The hot dog days of summer, where does that expression come from…?

Well we are going to celebrate those glorious long last days of summer vacation right before school starts up again. We have a fun week planned for all the Pet Lovers out there! We are offering POP ART PETS Classes all week long. We will have morning, afternoon and early evening Pop Art Pet classes starting Tue. Aug 16th until Friday Aug. 19th.  You can make your perfect pet into pop art and show a little love to a homeless animal also.

AASPCA and WARL / Washington Humane Society have been selected to receive a little help for their furry friends. Show your love to that special pet in your family and pay it forward all week long! What a great way to spend the last week of summer and stay cool doing it in our studio.

Each day is listed separately under classes. Please make sure to upload your pets picture in the pull down under classes and when ordering- specific time for the day your select. Each picture will wait for you as a canvas ready for you to add your pets personality to their portrait with a little instruction paint and marker. We would like to have your pet’s photo a week before in order to have everything waiting for your arrival .

We also need to thank , mutual pet lover, Lori Gross of Red Leash Photography. A special thank you to for all her love and support with this event.