Bringing the family together beyond football…

November means traditions and family, travel and food , chilly weather and football and how about a little social family time art…?! Families looking to do something together have a few options all month long at Raye of Light Studio.

Spend quality time sharing some laughs together during a “drawing date night” or how about designing and printing out a few holiday note cards with a print making workshop…?  Celebrate family with a mother daughter night out, or bring your child and paint where it’s not just for ladies only! We have added voters day off and after school time slots to November along with  Friday / Saturday holiday weekend dates.  Create a new tradition or memory together, get out and make something special. If it is hand made you know it is…
Check out our schedule :
Nov. 7th- Painted Pet Workshop offsite at Old Bowie Town Grille
Nov. 8th – Schools closed afternoon Paint class 1-3:30pm
Nov. 9th- After school Abstract painting class 3:30- 6pm
Nov. 10th – Pet Photo Portrait painting
Nov. 18th – Holiday print workshop
Nov. 22nd, 25th  – Drawing Date Night
Nov 26th- Pop Art the Family Pet

Our mother daughter pictured chose a private event for seven and a pop art class. Some classes require photos to be sent a few days in advance so don’t delay book some creative quality time today and escape  the potential tryptophan curse and the couch~