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Sheila McDermott Norris
I took the Pop Art class with my son and it was wonderful! The instructor was so patient with my son. We will definitely be returning!
Anne Zolkower
I’ve had two great classes. One was water color the other drawing. I learned a lot. Kathy is very hands on helpful teacher. I’ve enjoyed both classes.Anne Zolkower
Barbara Fuechsel
Kathy’s 2 day drawing class was amazing!!! The first day Kathy used a slide show to illustrate how shading makes a drawing seem real. We then learned how to use the 6 or so pencils we would draw with and use for shading. Kathy provided a step by step process for facial parts and I was amazed at the outcome. I never thought I could draw!! My eyes are pretty impressive!! The second class, we put the parts together onto a face and used shading extensively to make the face pop! It was fun, relaxing, and gratifying, and both classes were over before we knew it!! While all of Kathy’s classes are joyous and so colorful, I really learned a lot with the drawing class...not colorful but so satisfying to actually draw a face that looks like a real face!!!Thanks Kathy—Can’t wait until the next class!!
Bill Donaldson
Kathy is a great teacher. My wife loved her watercolor class. She is going to practice and then sign up for another lesson.
Carla Lacy Petruccy
Markella’s earring class was awesome. She is a great teacher and everyone’s earrings turned out beautiful. Signing up for alcohol inks next!!
Sherrye Bowen Shupp
I am a beginner at watercolor and have played around with online courses and one other mini class and none compare to Kathy at Raye of Light. I love that Kathy took the time to explain where and what to buy and that you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Even though they provide everything for the course. Which is AWESOME. The class is small and Kathy wAs able to walk around and help everyone with tips and how to think outside the box. Looking forward to my next course with her.
Marie-Noelle Balesi Clampet
I loved this three class watercolor session!! I learned lots and hope to take it again!! Thank you Kathy Dennin-meagher!!! Kathy breaks it all down so if your a veteran or an amateur painter you will love it. She will work with you. So much fun!
Krystle Bové
I really enjoyed Kathy's watercolor class. First, we started with some warm up exercises and went over different techniques. We were taught how to paint wet on wet and wet on dry and she went over how to use salt for different effects. I liked that she made suggestions to cater to each person as she went around the room. She was happy to answer questions and was patient with the group. I will come back for more!
Jason Bove
Booked the class as a Valentines Day gift for my wife. Turns out I had a really good time too! I highly recommend Kathy's class!
Tony DalBello
I took the mini pastel course with Margie LaRoche and finished today. Came home with a beautiful pastel landscape, new friends and an incredible amount of tips and instruction on the use of pastels in a short amount of time. I am looking forward to the spring mini course to further build on what I now know. Margie is a exuberant and knowledgeable teacher, and shares all her experience as well as her vast array of pastels.
Karen Meneely
Just finished the Hooped Dreams workshop. Too much fun!
Bridgette Snap
Great experience! I will definitely be back for future arts and crafts! Met a lot of nice people too!
Heather Macintosh
what a fun alcohol ink class! it was a small group and Kathy managed to give us really good instruction while making us all feel comfortable enough to play around. I hope to come back with a group of friends
Carol Kinser Fox
My first Alcohol and Ink class and it won't be my last. So much fun and Kathy is a great teacher.
Brandy Timmons
Fun class! Great instructor
Laurie Williams Barberis
Barbara Clark
Great experience at my first acrylic painting class. The class size was small and individual attention is given. I will definitely take additional classes.
Dianne Thompson
Thank you for today’s fun class, Kathy! I am so happy with my piece and think it looks great in its intended space. I can’t wait until the next class and really appreciate what you offer—especially since I have little artistic experience. You make it less intimidating while providing encouragement, instruction and latitude.
Glenda Paxton
Great class. Kathy did a great job walking us through the project.
Laurie Putscher
positive, friendly approach to having fun while learning and being creative
Erin Bella
I took the alcohol ink class and had a wonderful time. This studio teaches authentic art classes that people of any skill level can participate in. You get deep instruction and attention. I left the studio with a new skill set and the knowledge on how to make more art at home. Can’t wait to come back for another class!
Marie-Noelle Balesi Clampet
This was such a wonderful experience! I just took the alcohol ink class. If you have never painted before this is a great way to start. There is no rhyme or reason on what is right or wrong. That’s what makes this so friendly. Kathy was terrific with no pressure and had nice suggestions. I highly recommend it for your self or as a small group gathering. Thanks again Kathy! If I could I would add my final painting.
Adrian Preston
Today my daughter had the best time ever. She was able to create, with Kathy’s guidance, a beautiful contemporary duo of alcohol ink art pieces which was so unique (I’ve never heard of this new form), complex, and so gorgeous in a two hour span of time at ROL studio in Annapolis. Afterwards she gushed about her pieces, and said she felt like she could conquer the world! Her confidence in herself and the pride she felt! Wow. She was in love. I think I’m coming back with her to do some pop art soon. How fantastic that I found this business on Facebook, thx to a friend of a friend who shared. And many many thx to an inspiring teacher, Kathy.
Cinda Sheehan Haas
Great instruction Helpful insightAnd FUN!
Kathy Galli
Great instruction,great time&experience.Can't wait to come back!
Christine Sykes
I loved everything about the alcohol inks class!! I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to explore the medium. When first walking in I was greeted by Kathy... Our fun and funny teacher! She had different samples to look at, gave great advice and was clear. Everyone had fun. The class was small which made for great conversation and plenty of time to ask questions. I will definitely be taking another class there and joining the 2nd timers club!
Linda Leigh Taylor
It was a fun time with my friends and the artwork I did turned out beautifully!
Sarah Bowering Miller
wow the watercolor class was wonderful! kathy was a great teacher and she had a great way of explaining the technique and skill required to achieve different looks. she makes you feel like a real artist!
Ginger Ellis
Great class setting with wonderful instructor.
Arthur Hodge
Outstanding experience at Raye of Light Studio conducting a father/son pop-art experience. Kathy is very patient and has a kind heart when dealing with children. My son was skeptical at first and ended up very excited about what he created. He wants to go back again! Highly recommended!
Lona Trulove
The alcohol ink class was very fun! Kathy is a warm and inviting instructor. I was a little intimidated to be in an art class and not be an artist, but again Kathy makes everyone feel welcome and with the alcohol ink there is no pressure to be an “artist”:) By the end we all felt successful and were ready to do more!!! Hats off to Kathy!
Laima Kuring
Friends of mine had taken a couple classes that they enjoyed, so when the watercolor class came up, it was time for me to check out Raye of Light studio. Intimate and enjoyable experience! There were only six of us so plenty of personalized attention. Kathy made learning easy and we all went home with personal ‘masterpieces.’ I’m looking forward to my next opportunity to be creative at Raye of Light Studio.
Dana Henstrand
Took the alcohol ink painting class and loved it! I've been teaching elementary art for over 20 years but don't often find the time to do my own work. Having the opportunity to sit and create brought me so much joy. Kathy is wonderful:) Her art background is quite evident. She guides you when needed but sits back and allows you to explore the creative process. Looking forward to going back!
Tracy Baldwin
The alcohol ink class was so much fun. I went with my sister and my niece and we all came away with a piece of artwork that we felt was frame worthy.
Alice Wilkinson Conover
What a fun evening of making art! Very freeing medium and Kathy showed us many techniques!
Alexandra Thorn-Langtry
I have zero artistic ability. I have taken 2 of Kathy's classes. I love her classes, and the finished product! My only suggestion would be to use the chalkboard to write down the products we use in the class. Being new to art products and techniques, that was the only thing missing. Kathy is kind and patient, and has the class all set up, and does all the clean up. I want more!! You will too!
Naomi Manning
I have been to several "painting" events but none like this...this is like nothing I have done before. The way the alchol and paint react to each other is simply amazing. I wouldn't say it was relaxing bc I was so concentrating on what I was doing but being able to bring my own drinks and food was nice. The instructor was great she helped with instructions but also allowed you to venture off on your own. The class is small so it is more intimate. And seeing what other ppl come up with was fun too. I drove up to California MD and my friend and I drove here to attend this event. Worth the drive. It is fun to see what others see when they look at your work. Can't wait to try another class. Thank you for a great event.
Donna Packer-Kinlaw
My daughter and I took this class together for a Mom-Daughter Night Out, and I am so glad we did! We made some great memories and some beautiful art for our home! Kathy is so nice, and she creates such a fun and open atmosphere! Her instruction is clear, and she is so patient--exactly the qualities you need in this environment. So glad we did this!
Maloria LaPistola
I’ve had the pleasure of taking two classes with Kathy at Raye of Light! Both experiences were a true joy and a lot of fun. Kathy is wonderful at instructing and giving guidance which is perfect for putting you at ease through the process! There are a variety of classes to choose from demonstrating different levels of skill but they’re truly enjoyable! From the “Pour it on - Acrylic” class, which requires no previous experience to her “Pet and People Pop Art” class, both classes have inspired me to further my fun and free-flowing relationship with art. It’s a great chance to give painting a try and a perfect idea to do with family and friends. Sign up for a class with Kathy - you won’t be disappointed!!!
Beverly Bergmann
Had such an amazing experience this morning! My new friend and I chose two of the same colors, yet made very different canvases from them! I especially liked the no brush promise! I am not an artist, but I do enjoy trying things out for size. This pour painting class was perfect for doing that!
Markella Magoulas
Kathy's studio us inviting and stress free. I have been there as both a student and a guest artist! Would totally recommend her classes for both beginners or intermediate artists who want to learn something new or spend an enjoyable evening unleashing their creative juices! Raye of Light Studio is truly am Annapolis gem!
Karine Guay-Simard
I really appreciated that I was taught the basic techniques to succeed in my project and that my interpretation was given free rein to create a work that really resembles me.
Karlene Wilson
I have never worked with water colour before and was intimidated. Kathy is a great teacher and made it seem easy. I would defiantly do another class!
Amanda Lyn Greenwood
Had a great time! Loved the instruction on various techniques and the small group setting was great. Looking forward to another visit sometime!!!
Melissa Swiercz
First time with watercolor and I loved it! Kathy is very personable! It is a much more intimate experience than Paint nite. Highly recommended! Thanks again Kathy for having us Canadian Military wives, we now have a beautiful souvenir and memorable night!
Pamela Wood Ernst
I just took the alcohol ink class with Kathy Dennin-meagher and was impressed with the instruction and my final projects. Nothing better than going home with art you would be proud to share. Thanks for a great class.
Brenda Reed
I found Kathy and Raye of Light totally by accident but I am glad I did! I took the paint pouring class and LOVED it. I really appreciated having everything I needed provided for me, no investment in supplies I might never use again. I did enjoy the class so much however, that I will be investing in the supplies now. Looking forward to another class in the near future!
Roger Crout
Dede Denny Crout and I had a fantastic time. What a wonderful way to spend a few hours on a Saturday.
Pamela Gucich Jackson
I am an aspiring artist with no prior art instruction. I stumbled upon Raye of Light Studio and have taken several classes. I have throughly enjoyed them all and learned a lot! Kathy, the instructor, is skilled at teaching, critiquing, and guiding you in the development of your masterpiece. The classes are small (4-6) and provide a lot of individual attention. It's a nurtering environment for anyone who would like to tap into their "inner artist." I highly recommend the studio/Kathy!
Yvette Winburn
This was a really cool class. I loved the techniques we learned. I can’t wait to do more!
Mary Le Sueur
What a fun evening! Kathy was so much fun to work with. She also made the creation of our works of art go seamlessly without stress. We all learned a lot and we hope to go back soon for our second try!
Kim Wise
We had so much fun at our pop art party last night. None of us are professional artists by any means, but Kathy kept things fun and was there to help every step of the way. We will definitely be back!
Stephanie Nadolski
Enjoyed the workshop Feb. 3 with Anita Ewing and the owner of the studio, Kathy.They limit the size of classes to 6 which is quite comfortable, Enough space for each work station. Supplies are provided in a clean environment with good lighting.Very non-competitive atmosphere, with gentle guidance in some problem solving.I would highly recommend this studio.
Lindsay Good
I had such a blast mixing paint and watching magic happen! Intimate and so much fun! Go check it out �
Alison Taylor
Jacqui Shreve
My daughter and I went to a Pop Art class tonight and had a great time. The instruction was top notch, while allowing you to use your creativity. Small, quaint studio with a BIG amount of talent. Will definitely be back!!! Thank you.
Tom Burden
Amazing art, love the work that these people do!!!
Ricki Elanna Hurst
This was so much fun, I'm so glad I went out of comfort zone and tried something I thought I would never be able to do. I recommend this to all the animal lovers!!!
Caitlin Justice
Had an awesome time painting my pet here- it was my first time doing any kind of paint night and I loved it! I was nervous about messing up my pup but I had a lot of help and instruction that made it easy!
Nancy McAdams Hofmann
I have never done any painting before, but with Kathy's gentle coaching and encouragement I was able to create my own water color "masterpiece" which I proudly hung in my home. You're never too old to learn something new!
Courtney Habercam Caughy
Such a fun night! Can’t wait to do it again! Thanks katherine and Kathy for making it so special!
Natalie Miknich
Kathy was an Amazing, talented and enthusiastic teacher! She has amazing patience with someone like me who can barely draw a stick figure. Go see her and bring friends!
DebandVince McClenny
Absolutely loved my class on Monday! Am excited about the future - Definitely will return for another AMAZING evening! I don't think of myself as an "Artist" - someone that draws, paints etc. But I was an Artist Monday night! Great Atmosphere, Calming, Fun all the ingredients for Serenity! Now, going to rework my Calendar to pencil in a class - as if it were a massage or just plan an evening of WELLNESS! Totally Satisfied! Thank you Thank you Thank you! See you soon! Deb
Barbara Fuechsel
Had the best time learning the techniques of Water Color for the first time. Kathy is a talented and lighthearted teacher, using her skills to help students realize their own talent in a beautiful way. Her studio is bright and cheery and full of inspiration! She keeps the classes small so you can enjoy an almost one-on-one personal class! Kathy is encouraging, uses top Grade supplies, and has a way about her that makes you want to get right into it and create! She is well prepared and the class moves along at a perfect pace! We created 4 water color note cards using a few different techniques. I am so happy with the results, I am looking forward to the next class with Kathy. Bring your friends for a memorable evening from an amazing artist!Thanks for a great class, Kathy!! ��
Renee Starkey May
Wonderful experience of teaching and innovation combined!!! Can't wait to return! My 6 year old daughter and I did the Pop Art Pet and it was amazing! Bringing my daughter was an extra,special mommy-daughter day treat, since she was focused on learning mixing and application techniques in a fun and relaxing environment, and used her own imagination and skills in the process. My daughter said as soon as we got in the car, "When are we coming back, Mommy?" Thank you Kathy for your instruction and caring approach! See you soon!
Gail Mahan
Had a great time last night doing a beginner watercolor class! I love breaking up my stressful week with doing something creative. Wonderful instruction and fun atmosphere! Check out the other classes- some really fun options.
Rosa Shoop-Hunter
I am artistically challenged. I can barely draw stick figures. However, Kathy's great instruction showed me that someone like me can create art. I truly enjoyed myself and found painting a picture of my sweet horse Sherman incredibly enjoyable, relaxing and therapeutic. I'm so glad I treated myself to something out of the norm for me. I can't wait to do this again.
Nicole Sirpilla
Tony DalBello
Jean had a wonderful experience at the watercolor class at Cherry Pickers Shop in Owings. Kathy is a wonderful teacher for such a short amount of time and numerous students to attend to. She loved learning the basics of watercolor and pushing herself past her comfort zone. Thanks again.Jean DalBello
Red Tullips
I've always enjoyed dabbling in paint but that's what it looked like, dabbling. I've taken 2 classes and have already learned so much about techniques and shading and colors. I highly recommend this class for any skill level. This is going to me be my ME time at least once a month! See my masterpiece in the comments.
Sheila Sturdivant
It was my first time with paint and canvas the teacher was so helpful and I had a great relaxing time. I loved it would do again Good fun.
Doris Haynes Frazier
What a great instructor, never felt rush to finish and she was there every step of the way. I can't wait for next class.
Ruth Copps McGovern
Suzi Matthews Jett
Janet Koszycki
I absolutely Love my Pop Art painting of "Blue" our Golden Retriever. Such a wonderful keepsake I will treasure always. Kathy is so talented, creative and knows how to bring out the Artist in all of us!!
Cheri Oswalt
So thrilled with my art project from last night. Was a little worried I didn't have the art skills needed, but Kathy was patient and SO knowledgeable. She was there to give gentle guidance to the more artistic and a little more help to those of us not so artistic. I can't wait to take another class with Kathy!
Anne Marie Drew
Do not be intimidated. I have the artistic ability of a mushroom and am so tickled with my results. Kathy is friendly and skilled and leads you through the necessary steps to create a memorable picture of a pet. I was at an event where there were 30 other people--but did not feel at all neglected. And now I have my puppy's face on a canvas bag.
Donna Kudrav Levin
We scheduled a private "Paint Your Pet" party with Kathy and we had a wonderful time! She is a consummate professional....she brought and set up everything we needed, and then worked with each of us in turn to help us create our perfect pet portrait. She's a great teacher and fun, too! I'm delighted with my portrait!
Patricia Locke
Kathy was great. We had a great time celebrating our friend's birthday while creating wonderful art. We treasure our paintings. I would highly recommend Raye of Light for get togethers, happy hours, parties.
Edna Wong
An amazing experience at Kathy's art studio. A group of 8 of us did a private paint your pet party with her; she did an amazing job helping us turn our pets into works of art! Loved that our paint experiences were so personable and turned out amazing although we didnt have prior painting experience. She was knowledgeable, sweet, patient an so much fun. Highly recommended!
Victoria Burton Hathaway
A wonderful and highly personalized experience. Kathy is an amazing artist and gifted teacher. I love my painting!!!
Maggie Dier
Pam Buzzerd
Kelly Cravener Hax
My daughter and I attended the Paint Your Pet Workshop and it was just fantastic. This is not like a "paint night" AT ALL. It is an art class! I learned so much, that I feel like I could actually try my hand at painting other things. Kathy is an excellent teacher and is able to instinctively pull out your strengths to help you reach your ultimate potential. I will be doing this much more often! Highly recommended!
Mary Anne Montague
Had a wonderful time at the Paint Your Pet Workshop! Kathy Dennin-meagher is an amazing teacher and you have so much fun! She walks you through all of the aspects of creating your furbaby in acrylics and, what you never think you could do turns out really nice! Can't wait to do it again!!
Dede Denny Crout
We had the BEST time ever! I've never painted on glass and I'm not sure why I waited so long. Perfect for parties too! I want to go back and try something else now. These ladies are so much fun, warm, friendly and make you feel like you can paint anything. We loved it.
Theresa Stehle Kurtz
We can't WAIT to experience a few art escapes with Kathy in her beautiful new studio! Her projects are fun, creative and unique. These will be fantastic night out ventures to be shared with friends :0)
Kathleen Orndorff
An amazing place. The vision of an amazing woman!
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