MEET YOUR TEACHER: Kathy Dennin- Meagher

I believe everyone was born creative and creativity comes in many forms.  We may not say we are artists, however we still create.  I would like to offer you the opportunity to reconnect with your creative side.

The studio name was inspired by the process that happens when you get a creative idea… a light turns on in your head!

Art should be something that satisfies the soul and takes on a personal form that is as unique as the individual who creates it.  At Raye of Light, we teach to inspire so that you can continue to learn outside the studio.  I want to help you to try art, maybe for the first time.  It’s never too late to learn, and it will bring a lifetime of enjoyment.

Raye of Light Studio has recently evolved from a small, 130-square-foot, colorful teaching studio to a studio without walls.  My Studio originally opened its doors in the Annapolis Design District in 2016.  Then in 2017, it moved to become part of Local by Design at the Gallery, until the spring of 2020.  Still catering to you, the student, we transformed into a virtual studio  that fits your schedule, offering private lessons and outdoor events.

Providing ways for people to create when inspiration strikes by teaching you to draw, paint, or print on your own or with a friend for a few hours, is our goal.

Now you can try out an art virtual class with one on one learning/creating. You can also host an art lawn party with family and friends, or hold an outdoor fun creative workshop with co-workers or members of your group.

Born an artist but also formally trained, I received my BFA in graphic design.  I love color, design, and drawing.  Bringing art as a form of creative learning nurtures a personal, new skill you didn’t know you still had. It’s in there, you just need someone to help you find it and I love seeing you discover that inner light.

I provide portfolio prep for those preparing for art school, and and also  teach drawing and watercolor in the Life Long Learning Department at Anne Arundel Community College.

Get outside your routine and get creative!