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I grew up in a creative family with my mother a painter, and father  an entrepreneur. My mission is to empower those who might not of gotten the support to be creative . I truly believe that everyone is born creative…we pick up a crayon and start to draw without the intimadation. Art should be something that satisfies the soul . We teach to inspire so that you can continue to learn outside of the studio. I want you to maybe try art for the first time…it’s never too late to learn and it will bring a lifetime of enjoyment.

When I saw a rebirth or appreciation for all thing made by hand resurging, I opened a small art studio named Raye of Light. The studio name was inspired by the process that  happens when you get a creative idea… a light goes on in your head! We like to nuture that imagination for  you are then  inspired!

In preparing to launch a better creative experience to replace and improve upon “paint nights” , I met many people who would  mention that they” used to draw” or their father” used to paint”. For many reasons they would never get the “time” anymore or don’t have any of the supplies around. Raye of Light Studio is a place where you can go when inspiration strikes for a few hours and draw, paint or print on your own or with a friend. A studio where you have everything needed to relax and have fun exploring something new. We provide quality art supplies , our artistic guidance, in a comfortable setting so you can make art that is personal!

I have been surrounded by creative thinking all my life. After 20 plus years of advertising, print publishing branding, marketing and biz development, the time was right to go back to my one true passion: color and design. Combining my love of people and art has been very rewarding.

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